About Fabrice

Fabrice Condemi, ‘Sustainable’ Beauty Make-Up Artist

Fabrice Condemi is the most requested permanent makeup specialist in the world! New York, London, St. Moritz, Geneva, Zurich, and Moscow; he has traveled the world to share his talent in spas, beauty salons and cosmetic clinics.

His secret? Fabrice applies his own philosophy on the matter: “permanent makeup does not replace makeup, it makes it easier!”. During his 15 years of practice, he has restored the prestige of the technique with intelligence and subtlety.

Before learning the techniques of permanent make-up, Fabrice studied art which evolved into the world of fashion and landed him a job as a buyer for boutiques. After 10 years, his passion for beauty guided him to learn the art of permanent make-up.

Fabrice is often requested to correct amateur errors or requests we soon regret! Amateurism is often the cause for a bad reputation of the art. What is his beauty secret for flawless pigment enhancement? The Yag Laser: a type of laser that emits light in the infrared which produces much better results than other techniques used. Fabrice, a master of his craft, is able to achieve measurable results in 2 to 10 sessions.

His palette consists of light and transparent pigments applied in two sessions, if necessary. Formulated from minerals or plants and by a French cosmetic surgeon with very demanding traceability of ingredients and produced using strictly sterile dosages.

The hygiene and safety of the “Condemi’s touch” each client has the right to its own disposable sterile needle and receives the container after the session. All clients receive a detailed medical questionnaire and a detailed instruction sheet to follow.

Although less permanent than its name suggests (pigments fade after two years), and does not fade overnight, so thought and careful consideration is needed when deciding to choose permanent make-up. Fabrice takes the time to identify the motivations of each client and is very agreeable to do:  age correction, sparse, too short or falling eyebrows and poor waxing. The re-pigmentation of a contour of mouth watered down over the years, adding “a little more” between eyelashes, a subtle lipstick color or even injecting blush in the cheeks for a fresh make-up look in the morning.

Fabrice’s extension experience in this field, makes him one of the few experts that do permanent make-up as a full time career. “You can have the best equipment, the most delicate touch, and the knowledge of the morphology – but  years of experience and an innate artistic eye for precisely what to enhance in the face is the magic of Fabrice.”  Fabrice’s his gestures are so safe and so fast that clients say they do not feel pain (almost never use numbing cream).